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Community Groups

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!

Ps. 133:1, KJV

We have in-person community groups that meet regularly to help create a community in a time we all need more than ever! Find a group (or groups) that is best for you! 

What is a community group?

A community group is a smaller group of people from within our larger church body that gathers outside of the traditional Sunday service. Community groups build relationships with a smaller group of believers, grow in our faith, and be unified by the Spirit.  

What is its' purpose?

The overall purpose of a community group is to help build strong connections between believers that help them grow in discipleship, prayer, friendship, and accountability (see Proverbs 27:17).


What does a community group do?

Community groups come together to spend time with each other building relationships with one another, discussing how to apply the topic to our lives, and praying for each other.  Community groups meet to do various things like bible study, prayer, fellowship, and sometimes service projects. And best of all, there is usually free food involved at the end of the group meeting! 

Why is it important?

It is important to stay connected to the congregation at large because it helps provide a stronger framework of support.  We should be involved with a church both in regular attendance for Sunday worship and in a smaller community within the church outside of Sunday service.   

Available Community Groups

Area 1

meets weekly

Area 2

meets weekly

Area 3

meets weekly

Men's Ministry

meets monthly

Ladies' Ministry

meets monthly

Marriage Ministry

meets bimonthly

Young Men's Bible Study

meets monthly

Girls bible study

meets monthly

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